Associate Professor

(03)571-2121 ext.58121
Humanities Bldg., R412

Research Interests

  • Laboratory Phonology
  • Phonetics
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Chinese Linguistics

Academic Positions

  • 2021.08−    Associate  Professor, Dept.  of  Foreign  Languages  and  Literatures,  National  Yang Ming Chiao  Tung  University  (NYCU)
  • 2017−2021.  Assistant  Professor, Dept.  of  Foreign  Languages  and  Literatures,  National  Yang Ming Chiao  Tung  University  (NYCU)
  • 2015−2016.  Postdoctoral  Fellow, Dept.  of  Linguistics  and  Modern  Languages,  The  Chinese  University  of  Hong  Kong  (CUHK)
  • 2014−2015.  Lecturer, Dept.  of  Linguistics,  University  of  Massachusetts,  Amherst  (UMass)


  • 2009−2014. Ph.D.  in  Linguistics,  New  York  University
  • 2007 Fall.  (non-degree  study)  The Chinese  University  of  Hong  Kong,  Hong  Kong
  • 2005−2007.  M.A.  in  Chinese  Language  &  Literature,  Seoul  National  University
  • 2003−2004. (non-degree  study)  Beijing  Normal  University,  Beijing,  China
  • 1998-2003. B.S. in Biology Education, Seoul National University


  • 2021-2024. Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST110-2410-H-A49-058-MY3) “Phonological representations and social factors in sound changes in progress”, NT$2,517,000
  • 2018-2022. Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST107-2410-H-009-016-MY3) “Perceptual reorganization of phonetic cues through statistical learning in second language category development”, NT$2,952,000
  • 2017−2018. Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST106-2410-H-009-049) “Perceptual reorganization of phonetic cue weighting through L2 learning”, NT$1,000,000
  • 2017−2020. Recruiting Outstanding Scholars Subsidy Award, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
  • 2009−2014.  MacCracken Graduate Fellowship, NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science
  • 2003−2004. Chinese Government Scholarship, Ministry of Education, China


  • 2022. Gussenhoven, Carlos, Yu-an Lu, Sang-Im Lee-Kim, Chunhui Liu, Hamed Rahmani, Tomas Riad, and Hatoice Zora. The Sequence Recall Task and lexicality of tone: Exploring tone “deafness”. Frontiers in Psychology 13, 902569.
  • 2022. Lee-Kim, Sang-Im and Yun-Chieh Chou. Unmerging the sibilant merger among speakers of Taiwan Mandarin. Laboratory Phonology 13(1), Article 10, 1-36.
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  • 2013. Lee-Kim, Sang-Im, Lisa Davidson, and Sangjin Hwang. Morphological effects on the darkness of English intervocalic /l/. Laboratory Phonology 4(2), 475-511.